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Gear Shift

The Music Room is proud to partner with members of our community to put musical instruments in the hands of the disadvantaged.

You can’t learn to play an instrument if you don’t have one. 

You need the gear. So when we were looking to celebrate our 15th anniversary in a special way, providing gear to the area’s disadvantaged was a logical place to start. That is how Gear Shift began.

Gear Shift is a program that will take the community’s unwanted instruments in repairable condition and turn them into instruments that will fulfill the dreams of a disadvantaged child or adult who might otherwise not have the chance to play. 

The Music Room will donate our time, resources and expertise to bring the instrument back to good working condition, utilizing our in-house instrument repair capabilities.  We really wanted to do something that would directly affect members of our community, so we began by partnering with Clearbrook.  Clearbrook is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The most recent addition to the list of deserving recipients of Gear Shift instruments is The Palatine Opportunity Center.  The purpose of the organization is to improve the quality of life of residents and people who work in Northeastern Palatine Township by working with civic, educational and government institutions, religious, business, charitable and community organizations and with the strong support of a volunteer force of dedicated members of the community at large. 

In a variety of ways the Palatine Opportunity Center welcomes and introduces families and individuals in need, including immigrant families, to the Palatine community, connecting them with local resources, providing a pathway for their integration and success. 

The Music Room is proud to help sponsor a new music mentoring program called MEETUP (Music Education Empowering The Understanding of Potential). The program will have high school students in the area come in to give private lessons to low-income children while establishing a mentoring relationship.   Community donated musical instruments are now being repaired and delivered to this worthy new organization.

We know nearly every kid wants to learn how to play an instrument. And nearly every parent wants their child to know music.  We’re excited to be able to bring the gift of learning an instrument to people in Palatine, and we’re hoping our customers and the community will respond by bringing us their unused and worn instruments.

Instrument donations can be dropped off at The Music Room any time during store hours: Monday through Thursday, 10a.m.-9p.m.; Friday, 10a.m.-6p.m. and Saturday, 9a.m.-5p.m. Call us at (847) 934-5440 for more information or email Clarke at

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Gear Shift Donors


  1. Hohner Accordion

  2. Budisi Accordion

  3. Olds Trumpet

  4. Holton Tenor Trombone

  5. Olds Trombone

  6. Yamaha Electric Guitar

  7. Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece

  8. Signet Clarinet

  9. Levy’s Guitar Gig Bag

  10. Cleveland Flute

  11. Selmer Alto Sax

Marland Berdick

  1. Accordion (2)

  2. Trombone

Julie Cohen

  1. Yamaha Flute

Martin Colgan

  1. Trombone (2)

Joanne Costin

  1. Vito Alto Sax

David DeCarlo

Alan Ferguson

  1. EPI Electric Guitar

  2. EPI Amplifier

Denise Friedrich

  1. Acoustic Guitar

Laurie Gillies

  1. Yamaha Keyboard

  2. LeBlanc Clarinet

  3. Clarinet Mouthpiece

  4. Accessories

Jamie Haworth

  1. Fender Acoustic Guitar

Nancy Helland

  1. Cables, Power Cords

Dan Hirota

  1. Cort Electric Guitar

L Hynes

  1. Yamaha Tenor Sax

  2. Sheet Music

John Joyce

  1. Jackson Guitar

Robert Kaiser

  1. Cameran Accordion

Chris Karll

    Fender Squire Bass

Diane Kinn

    Student Violin

T. Paul Kuczwara

    Yamaha Alto Sax


    Neck Strap

    Various Accessories

Patricia Lane

  1. Selmer Bundy Clarinet

Todd O’Brien

  1. Fender Squire Guitar

Craig Oswald

  1. Royce Drumset

  2. Sticks, Pad, Cymbals

Susan Quinn

  1. Gemeinhardt Flute

  2. Music Stand

Courtney Renwich

  1. Cort Acoustic Guitar

  2. Guitar Stand

Colette Scheuermann

  1. Epiphone Guitar

Deb Shoemaker

  1. Harmony Guitar

Kathy Tipton

  1. Vito Alto Sax

Cheryl Tweddle

  1. Englehardt Cello

Jane Van Wolvelear

  1. Fender Mini Squire Guitar

  2. Gig Bag

Julie Vidor

  1. Robelli Acoustic Guitar

Mike Willoughby

  1. Ibanez Bass Guitar (2)

  2. BC Rich Guitar

Lori Wilson

  1. Gianni Classical Guitar

  2. Selmer Bundy Flute