One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. ~ Bob Marley

Guitar Spa

A Menu of Services to Pamper Your Guitar

Electric • Classical • Acoustic • Bass

Our Guitar Spa is more than a repair service, it’s a collection of treatments designed to pamper your guitar.  Three levels of setup are offered:

A Basic Setup is like a 5000 mile checkup for your guitar.  Getting a basic setup every eight weeks will keep your guitar in premium playing condition.  Strings are removed and the guitar is inspected from top to bottom. The guitar is then throughly cleaned, polished and lubricated.  Appropriate strings are installed and any action or intonation adjustments are made.  $35

Deluxe Setups are recommended twice yearly.  This service takes the basic setup a step further by performing a deep cleaning treatment on the fingerboard and frets.  It includes leveling
and crowning on up to three frets. The Deluxe setup removes dirt from the fingerboard that would otherwise wind up on the strings.  This makes your guitar feel better, sound better, look better and makes your strings last longer.  $75

The Platinum Setup is a complete overhaul for your guitar or bass. The instrument will be completely disassembled. We will clean and oil the fretboard (rosewood and ebony only), clean and polish all frets, adjust the pickup assembly, check and adjust intonation and check the nut.  All hardware will be cleaned and polished.  Electronics are checked and components are replaced as needed.  The goal of the Platinum Setup is to return the guitar to above factory specifications whenever possible. $175

Strings are not included in the above prices.

A la carte services are also available.

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Band Instrument Repairs

Our fully equipped workshop is ready and waiting for your band or orchestra instrument repair needs.  From minor adjustments to complete overhauls, we will restore your instrument to its proper playing condition. We also stock all the necessary supplies to keep your instrument playing and sounding its best.