Teach a kid to blow a horn and he won’t learn to blow up a safe. ~ Louis Armstrong

The Music Room has been awarded

Best Musical Instrument Store

by readers of the Daily Herald

for the second year!

Pricing & Availability For Band Instruments

(monthly cost, maintenance & repair fee included)

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone


Alto Saxophone


Tenor Saxophone, Single French Horn, Oboe, Baritone Horn


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Pricing & Availability For Orchestra Instruments

(monthly costs, maintenance & repair fee included)

1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full Size Violins

12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16” Violas


1/2, 3/4 and Full Size Cellos


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Important Information About Our Monthly Prices

The Music Room’s rental program is an equity building program.  This means that with every payment, you are gradually gaining ownership of your instrument.  The best part is that you are not obligated to continue beyond one month’s rental (equity) and you can turn the instrument in without further commitment. But as long as you are making payments, you are always building equity. 

Our program is designed to present the optimum benefit to our customer by offering the quickest route up the equity ladder.

Because of this, our monthly prices are higher than some other organizations. If you are looking for a short term rental, or if you believe your child will not be taking part in band or orchestra at the end of the school year, then you should try to find an instrument with the lowest monthly rental cost.  That is not us.  

If, however, you are looking to build value with each and every payment that will be applied 100% toward a quality musical instrument, then we are the proper choice because each and every dollar spent comes back to you.  That is the best value.

More Information

  1. BulletOur program is an equity building rental program.

  2. BulletMaintenance and repair is included in the monthly price for the life of the contract.

  3. Bullet100% of all rental payments (less maintenance and repair fee) are automatically credited toward the purchase of the brass or woodwind instrument.

  4. BulletViolins, violas and cellos may be exchanged for size upgrades at any time.  100% of all rental payments are automatically credited toward the purchase of a student instrument. A portion of the accumulated payments for string rentals may be applied toward the purchase of an upgraded, full size instrument.

  5. BulletThe minimum rental period is one month. Instruments can be returned at any time with no further obligation.

  6. BulletSave 25% on the unpaid balance of the instrument if you choose early buy-out.

  7. BulletBrands include  Selmer, Bach, Emerson, Armstrong, Conn, King, Vito, Gemeinhardt, Holton, Buffet, Getzen, Jupiter, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, Amati.

  8. BulletMany repairs can be completed on the same day.  If we need to keep the instrument overnight, a free loaner will be issued.  Most repairs are completed within one week.

  9. Bullet A valid Illinois driver’s license and an active major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express are required for rental contracts).

The Quality of Our Instruments

Each instrument undergoes the following pre-rental preparation:


  1. all keys are evaluated and action is regulated for optimum playability

  2. all pads, corks and springs are checked and replaced as necessary

  3. instruments are cleaned and polished inside and out

  4. all mouthpieces are fully sterilized

  5. all cases are vacuumed and polished

  6. all instruments are fully lubricated and play tested

Trumpets/French Horns/Baritones

  1. horns are completely disassembled - all slides and valves are removed

  2. slides are polished and cleaned inside and out

  3. valves are cleaned and checked for proper alignment; pistons are polished

  4. all mouthpieces are fully sterilized

  5. all cases are vacuumed and polished

  6. all instruments are fully lubricated and play tested


  1. horns are completely disassembled - all slides are removed

  2. slides are polished and cleaned inside and out

  3. slides are checked for proper alignment

  4. all cases are vacuumed and polished

  5. all mouthpieces are fully sterilized

  6. all instruments are fully lubricated and play tested


  1. strings are cleaned or changed when necessary

  2. instrument bodies are cleaned and polished

  3. fingerboards are cleaned and polished

  4. cases are vacuumed, polished

  5. bridges are replaced when necessary

  6. each instrument receives new rosin

  7. each instrument is installed with fine tuners

More About Us

Private Lessons

The Music Room teaching staff encompasses of some of the finest musicians in the Chicagoland area.  These playing and teaching professionals hold music degrees and/or advanced studies from some of the best music schools in the country.  Read more about our lesson program.

Books, Supplies and Materials

We have a huge selection of music books, supplies and materials in stock.  The Music Room carries everything young band and orchestra students will need throughout the year, including reeds, valve oil, tuning grease, metronomes, tuners, folding music stands and lots of supplemental fun music to keep the excitement sparked!

Free Care & Maintenance Consultations

Did you know that most repairs occurring the first year could be avoided by learning correct maintenance techniques?  We will show you and your child the proper way to care for your new instrument.  It will make you aware of potential pitfalls and dangers.  Learn how to escape the frustrations of repeatedly surrendering your instrument for repair by scheduling a private appointment today!






















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